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Playing Rules

Park Rules and Regulations

Our Mission is:

Creating memory making experiences while teaching the game of baseball with integrity and to help players understand the greatness of the game associated with life lessons

To provide the best learning atmosphere, the best competition and the most fun the game of baseball has to offer to its participants
In order to provide this atmosphere, we must insist on adherence to the following rules:
1. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs
2. No Smoking inside the complex

3. No cleats (metal or rubber) on stairs or sidewalks
4. No bikes, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades
5. No pets
6. No unattended children
7. No fighting
8. No weapons
9. Team coolers only
10. No outside food
11. No glass containers
12. Please be on guard for foul balls
13. Please put litter in its place
14. Please be supportive of the players - positive cheering only
15. Due to the proximity of our fields and the livestreaming on YouTube, no music may be played at any NKCA Baseball operated Facility. This includes pre-game, during game and at practices.  No noise making equipment may be used. No excessive noise is allowed.  You may cheer as much as you want to support your team. No noise makers, loud music or horns of any type permitted.
Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave