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League Player Insurance

Sep 09, 2023
League Player Insurance

Q. Is my player/coach covered in the event of accident or injury?

A.  In the event of accident or injury at a league approved practice field and/or a league sanctioned game or event, the league player insurance will serve as a secondary insurance for players and/or coaches.

Q.  In order to be covered, do I need to be registered with the league?
A. Yes

Q.  Will my team be covered if we play tournaments?
A.  Yes, but only league tournaments.  In the event, a team opts to play in a non-league tournament/event, it is recommended that the team procures team insurance for liability purposes.  It may be appropriate to understand minimum levels of coverage that a specific tournament organization may require.

Q.  Who is the leagues insurance contact?
A.  Joe Dold - 816-582-4024. 

Q.  How can my team be covered for ALL practices, games, fundraising events, post-season parties, etc.?
A.  Team insurance policies can be purchased to cover ALL league related activities.  For teams who plan to practice in a non-approved practice facility or play tournaments outside of the league, it is recommended to limit risks and should be prepared to carry minimum premiums for medical and liability coverage.

Q.  Can my team just purchase insurance for a particular tournament?
A.  Most tournament organizations offer their own level of coverage for the team.  Keep in mind, that it is typical for that policy to cover only events sanctioned by that respective organization.